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Islanders Lighthouse Project Hearings: Live coverage galore

Note for hockey junkies (like myself): Today and tomorrow should be the last days (for a while) devoted solely to Lighthouse project bits. We'll get back to regular player grading and stat-gazing and roster churning speculation after that. Update: The Aug. 5 round-up of post-hearing/rally coverage links is here.

For the moment though, the biggest priority in Islandersdom -- rightfully so -- is the Lighthouse project rally and public hearings, and my-oh-my is it being covered thoroughly and with a healthy dose of editorial wit. Published stories will come out this evening and tomorrow (and we'll have a round-up of those, too), but today, as it happens, several bloggers, reporters and tweeters are keeping a close, entertaining eye on the action.

They're breaking for lunch now before the afternoon sessions, but here are the best sources for up-to-the-minute coverage and entertainment (Seriously, the good quotes alone that they've relayed could fill a journal, or an alternative civics textbook):

Tweet Central

Live, moment-by-moment observations and quotes from those on the scene, who are all cracking me up, informing me -- and making it very hard to work: @islesblogger (Mike) @Lighthouse_LI (official), @LetThereBeLH (Nick) @NYIsles10 (Doug), and @islesesoteric. This is Twitter at its best; these guys are knocking it out of the park. (If I missed any doing live coverage, please leave the address in comments.) This crew deserve one hoppy beer -- or more -- after this day is over.

Live Lighthouse Hearing Blogs

Other Lighthouse Hearing/Rally Coverage

More to come later as breath is caught. As always with these posts, if I missed you or you found something else, drop 'em in comments.