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NHLPA Melodrama: Players fire Paul Kelly, shoot selves in foot?

Among the issues that were expected to be included in Hargrove's report, sources say some players feel disconnected with Kelly and don't believe he has worked hard enough in the past two years trying to get to know the players membership.

--Darren Dreger, TSN

Wait, wait, wait: So the NHLPA finally has a guy who can maybe respect their interests and work with the league without getting, you know, an entire season canceled, and some players want to fire him over hurt feelings? Over him not coming round to give hugs and kisses and share a red Swingliner stapler? Huh. Go players, go players...

He hasn’t stolen millions of dollars and been convicted of his crimes the way Alan Eagleson was. He didn’t get the job under false pretenses and spy on members’ emails the way Ted Saskin did.

--Ken Campbell, THN

Yeah! Wait ... but he hasn't engaged in mutually assured destruction, either, so ... fire his ass!

So think about it. The ringleaders in Kelly’s attempted lynching are a former player who has run up against the establishment at every turn and resigned from the PA because he couldn’t work with Kelly (Lindros); the man who didn’t get the job when the PA decided Kelly would be a better choice (Pink); and one of the most confrontational labor leaders of our generation (Hargrove).

--Campbell again

Oh, good god. If this is really the case, then the aggrieved players deserve the owners they're stuck with. If hockey weren't such a beautiful game, I swear I'd be done with these clowns. If either ownership or the NHLPA mucks up another season, I truly will be. Once is enough for a lifetime; I'd take my "hockey-related revenue" and walk home.