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Sunday LHinks: As Balsillie turns; Tavares TV; L.I. Tweetup; don't Schremp

Guess what? The calendar turns to September this week. I smell hockey.

League Bits:

  • This will tick off a few of you: Alex Tanguay has signed with Tampa Bay (pending physical), believed to be for ... $2.5 million. Fan reaction at Raw Charge. Great point about a compelling modern-day "French Connection" Line at Litter Box Cats. Fun Puck Daddy take: Strikes yet another blow to "sourcing" anonymous rumors based on message board chatter, no? I mean Tanguay was already a Coyote and a Panther this summer, according to man-bytes-wisdom purveyors.
  • Hilarious: Former junior star-turned-enigmatic Oilers prospect Rob Schremp appears not to get it. [Lowetide]
  • In the never-ending convergence between lawyering and PR, Balsillie's latest filings include a self-proclaimed "shocking revelation" that the Leafs as late as 2006 believed they had veto rights over Southern Ontario. [From the Rink] Worse still for the NHL? One economist puts a relocation fee at ... $13 million. [gulp]

Islanders Bits: