Another Possible Deadline Day Pot o' Gold

It's Dustin Byfuglien Day! (via italicsquirrel)

Most seemed to pan my idea of the possibility of obtaining Patrick Sharp at the deadline. While I don't think that it's as out of the question as some have made it sound, I do agree that it would be very hard for the Blackhawks to replace what Sharp gives them.

Here is another thought:

A possible trade that Chicago would love and that would, I think, also work for the Isles: Christobal Huet, Dustin Byfuglien, and Jordan Hendry for Andy Sutton and Martin Biron. The Isles then trade Dwayne Roloson as well as Doug Weight for picks, shedding significant salary to compensate for taking on Huet’s and Byfuglien’s cap hits. In the short term, the Isles actually save some cap space. Of course, depending on what the plan was for Sutton, the cap hit goes up for next year.

In return, however, we get a fearsome presence on our top line who should make it much easier for Kyle and Josh to score as well as getting garbage goals of his own. By the time Huet’s contract is up in 2012, Mikko should be more than ready, so DP’s status will become irrelevant with this trade. And Hendry is a good, young dependable defender who will not cost much. I might prefer Niklas Hjalmarsson, but Chicago might not be as ready to part with him.

For Chicago, especially if they pull off the Campbell-Rozsival deal suggested by ESPN, their cap problems would be over without hurting their product on the ice at all as either Beach or Skille would fill Byfuglien's place nicely. If they sign Biron at his former $3.5 mil and Sutton at maybe $1.5 mil, that will chop $4.3 mil off and the Campbell-Rozsival deal would cut another $2.1 for a total of $6.4 mil. If Bowman, Jr. cannot sort out Chicago’s cap issues with a $6.4 mil cushion, he should give the job back to Tallon.

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