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John Tavares on Versus, only in Philadelphia

In keeping with Versus' focus on an idealized, four-team NHL, the Islanders and their #1 overall pick John Tavares will appear on the NHL's U.S. broadcast rights holder ... two times. Both games are in Philadelphia (owned by Comcast/Versus made man Ed Snider, of course): Tuesday, Dec. 8, and Tuesday, March 9.

Fortunately for national Flyers fans, there will be six other Flyers games on Versus in 2009-10, so January is the only month they will somehow be forced to do without. Versus' other favorite team, the Short island Smurfs, will also be featured eight times -- seven of them at Madison Square Garden. So, you know ... there's that. Chicago and Detroit get nine apiece.

Super Double-Secret Bonus (seriously, this actually is cool): Versus will televise the opening games in Europe Friday, Oct. 2, with the Blackhawks playing the Panthers at noon Eastern in Helsinkin, and the Blues playing the Red Wings at 3 p.m. Eastern in Stockholm.