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LHinks: Prospal, Kane various August crumbs

Sometimes you have a nice morning and a tidy post in your head, and sometimes you get called into work early as effluvia hits the fan. So these are rations of weekend hockey news I saw while not riffing on former hockey flames (note: not "Flames"). Weigh in on any that move you in comments. League stuff first, then Isles links after the jump:

Islanders Links

  • Katie Strang's update on the U.S. juniors evaluation camp smiles upon Matt Donovan, punts on Aaron Ness.
  • If you don't check the FanPosts on the right-side margin of this site, BCISLEMAN has been prolific lately. His latest is an interesting theory on how the Isles can protect Tavares & Co. not by hiring some 3-minute-per-night goon, but by boosting the threat posed by their power play. Fun stuff. Come hither, Anton Babchuk.
  • Today begins the U.S. Olympic orientation camp. Which means it's K.O. time. [Okposo Net]
  • Chris Botta wonders if Garth Snow would actually pick a kid on a two-way deal for the opening night roster over a less impressive guy on a one-way deal. I'm guessing, "No." [Islanders Point Blank]
  • B.D. has one of his cryptic meta-blogga-media posts up that I usually interpret to mean an official has tried to influence him or seduce another blogger into kool-aid consumption. The upshot: Beware the VIP fan/blogger. Alternatively: With access comes temptation in the new-media NHL, so play the game but don't be played. For me: Let sincerity and critical thinking be thy guide. (All banter aside, it's a good and ever-present point that the NHL media collapse and resurrection via online avenues will create opportunities for NHL and team officials to turn online outlets into monetized mouthpieces.