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LHinks: Joey MacDonald finds a home?

I don't want to say I predicted this, but ... check out the second option in the poll attached to this post.

I haven't come across anyone who thought Joey MacDonald performed better than Yann Danis last season in the Islanders net (certainly I didn't). Of course, MacDonald did backstop the Islanders at their most injured and mixed up, and there was MacDonald's fairly impressive November, plus his stellar (and crossbar-lucky -- but aren't they always?) shutout in Detroit.

Now, after the Maple Leafs waited so long this summer to decide on Justin Pogge, they've (reportedly) elected to sign MacDonald as their #3. Danis, who signed with the Devils, was on the market a while and would have been a better choice had they acted sooner. He may also have preferred to stay closer to last year's "home" and get a better chance at NHL pay (if not much NHL play) backing up Martin Brodeur.

Quick LHinks: