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LHinks: John Tavares rock star; are Islanders chasing anyone?

The John Tavares Hype Machine is fully operational. Things kicked into overdrive yesterday with his introduction to fans and media* on the Nassau Coliseum floor.

*And by "media" I mean those who think a brilliant question is "Will you name Tavares captain?" or "How discouraged are you to be joining...?" Mercifully, there were only a few of those, as real questions came in the media scrum afterward.

It's a funny situation, this: No fan wants to be taken for a purely promotional ride of kool-aid. (No reporter, either, as Greg Logan rightly marvels at the ease of this PR campaign.) Yet in one sense, this business (or obsession, depending on your perspective) is built on hope and passion and slightly misplaced priorities: Our hopes and happiness, at least when considering this object of attention, are predicated on how well a collection of 18-40 year-olds do playing a game.

And the Islanders have just added a very important 18-year-old to that game -- easily the most important piece they've added in nine to 15 years. So while at some point I will scream, "Enough!" with the Tavares-Buy Tickets!-Get a Jersey! bonanza, that point is a ways off. Particularly during this summer of promise after last season's winter of pain, the Islanders deserve a long leash to celebrate -- and build -- good times. We all have varying degrees of healthy cynicism, but we wouldn't still be paying attention if we didn't check some of our sanity at the door.

That said, is Garth Snow going to add another established veteran? Is this it? News and reviews after the jump...

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