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Live John Tavares press conference coverage

Welcome to the new age of sports promotion. Last time the Islanders had a player to hype this much, let's just say streaming video and live-blogging weren't available to the masses.

John Tavares is introduced today at 12:30 p.m. EDT, at the Coliseum, in a press conference open to the public.[Update: Watch it live (or on replay) here in the embedded video feed after the jump.]

But seeing as how most people work, I thought I'd do some live-blog commentary in comments. Also:

I am as excited as the next guy -- but I must admit the cynic in me wonders how interesting the proceedings will be. He's already had to talk a lot about the draft and the Islanders. ("Excited ... can't wait ..." etc.) Hopefully the attending press will ask interesting questions beyond, "How does it feel ... to have a franchise on your shoulders at 18?" I'd like to hear about his game, insights into his approach on the ice, about his meetings with Garth Snow (and Scott Gordon?), about what he's seen on Long Island. And of course his favorite fruit -- always, one's favorite fruit.

If you were there, what would you ask him? (e.g. "Aren't you relieved you didn't have to play for the Leafs?")