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LHinks: Martin Biron signs, DiPietro fan freak-out edition

You knew the big news of Wednesday, the surprise signing of Martin Biron, was not hitting the wires without making waves in Islanders country and beyond during a slow late July. Not so much because of Biron's humble come-down from his initial a$piration$, but rather for what it tells us -- because the HIPAA-loving Islanders will not -- about Rick DiPietro's health.

  • First, a press release arrives from the club. (Yes, likely a modern technical snafu, but the club release was time-stamped in my inbox before the Post published what they billed as a "Larry Brooks EXCLUSIVE," although I suspect the release came out because the Brooks EXCLUSIVE was coming. Regardless, the point stands: Let's hear it one more time for archaic old-media terminology! EXCLUSIVE: News about to spread, exclusively!)
  • Of course, at least Brooks' "the Post has learned" piece included the salary: $1.4 million. (Let's hear it for old media reporting what the team will not due to "club policy"!)
  • Via Newsday's trippy new template, Logan blogs and lets them have it: "If the Islanders want to cloak Rick DiPietro's health status in mystery, that's their prerogative. But actions seldom lie." Nice! In Logan's print story, Biron sounds like a guy eager for an audition (a #1 job or trade to a contender is the unspoken objective) as the summer wanes.
  • Islesblogger Mike tweeted and posted a FanShot here, where most of this site's discussion of the deal took place. I posted a bit more later, adding my disappointment at the dismissal of the Islanders radio team and decision to simulcast.
  • As Mike pointed out in his Islesblogger post, this is a no-brainer, win-win for the Isles, no matter how Rick DiPietro's rehab proceeds.
  • B.D. Gallof, after questioning DiPietro's health but a day before: Garth was not happy with DiPietro's all's good act last season, and hilariously ... we finally have the better Biron! {rimshot!}
  • PuckDaddy managed to use a DiPietro contract one-liner in the headline that still made me laugh. Not easily done.
  • Turning quickly to a post-Biron angle, Chris Botta says thanks, but what about the non-goalie positions? (Inevitable answer: All full, except for enforcer, and any other obvious Biron-like bargains.)
  • Botta's initial Biron reaction is tacked on to his earlier DiPietro piece. I think he's wrong in part, though: This move does make the Islanders better. How much is debatable -- maybe even negligible -- but having a reliable backup/1A for the 40-year-old sure beats hoping for AHL or Magic Knee Recovery support.
  • Doug at Official's Outlook points out that, with Biron out of Philadelphia, our chances against the Flyers have improved massively. (Oh wait, that's right, I'm supposed to fear Ray Emery. Sorry, KHL-lovers.)
  • Barry Melrose Rocks brings the snark on the Biron signing.
  • Okposo Net on what Biron means: Yay, but ... uh-oh.
  • NYI Net: It's all about the insurance, stupid.
  • In the end, the day was about three things, in descending importance: 1) Insurance for DiPietro and assurance he won't be rushed back (again); 2) Sincere shoring up of this year's goaltending; 3) A cheap bet on having some nice trade bait this winter or next trade deadline.

    Ah, as the Islanders world turns: It's never a dull moment.