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Free Agency LHinks: Neil re-signs, Moen knocking at Islanders' door?

Good morning, and Happy Free Agency Hangover! Didn't get what you wanted for the Islanders? Don't worry. To join the Islanders, native Mike Komisarek would have become their highest paid player for a long time. Signings like that for defensive defensemen are often found to be ... unsound. I think we get a little too amped on July 1, because it's like a candy store: I want, I want, I want -- and charge it! But there's something to said for a GM who doesn't burn money like some such Sather.

Of course, the Islanders will have to add someone else to hit the cap floor, but remember this: Rookie bonuses -- regardless of whether they're reached -- count against the cap. Steve Stamkos, last year's #1 pick, had a $3.725 million cap hit.

In the meantime, there are signings to review -- $406 million worth of them! -- and escapees to mourn. Thanks to everybody for chiming in with a good variety of opinions in yesterday's threads; talking hockey shop and debating the merits -- that's good times. A review of yesterday's biggest signings and Islanders fan reactions begins here and continues after the jump.

Big Movers

  • Q: How big of a tool is no-trade trade-me Dany Heatley?  A: An even bigger tool than he was the day before. You know what they used to say about types like him? "He couldn't pour water out of a boot with the directions written on the heel." Ah, but Dan(n)y is the victim.
  • Czech and Slovak winger musical chairs: The Wild lose Marian Gaborik to the Rangers but grab Chicago's Martin Havlat. The Wilderness cheers. Havlat feels burned. The Blackhawks lose Havlat but grab Marian Hossa on a ridiculous, cap-circumventing 12-year deal. You know who would do well setting up Gaborik? Scott Gomez. But Glen Sather can only fit so many overpriced toys under the cap, as Rangers fans know all too well.
  • Staying in Hawkland, Second City Hockey got Puck Daddy Wysh's thoughts on new Hawk John Madden.
  • The Canadiens scored Mike Camalleri, but for five years, $30 million. They also picked off Devil Brian Gionta.
  • The Leafs, of course, nabbed ex-Hab Komisarek, putting Hab-hating Leafs fans in a bind of cognitive dissonance.
  • We even had a trade: Leafs dump Pavel Kubina to Atlanta for Garnet Exelby and Chad Stuart.
  • That does it for yesterday's late movers -- if you were tuned in yesterday afternoon you know the rest. If not, check the full listing at From the Rink -- there were a ton. Now, on to the rounds of Islanders bloggers...

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