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New York Islanders sign John Tavares, win 2014 Cup

"I'm excited to officially become a part of the New York Islanders organization and begin my professional career this upcoming season. I look forward to joining the Islanders and be part of a team that's ultimate goal is to bring the Stanley Cup back to Long Island."

>>John Tavares, Islanders press release

It was but a formality (thank god), due to the CBA's entry-level limits. No coveting from other GMs, no Lindrosairre's Disease, no heeded not-so-subtle hints from columnists north of the border that he should maximize his "earnings potential" by demanding a move to makeitseven land.

Nope, just this year's #1 pick, the last few seasons' hottest 2009 prospect, the New York Islanders' next franchise player, signing his name to the line. Pledging to do his best for this club for at least the next three years. Joining the cycle of replenishment that keeps the league churning, from Guy to Denis to Dale to Brian to Mario to Vinny to Patrik to Sid.

As for bringing the Cup back to Long Island, well, that's a long road to hoe. But this is a start.

(Update: I'm being calm, and yet 30 seconds after posting this I did another draft-day style "yyyyyeeeeeeaaaaahhhh!" Which I guess means Opening Night cannot come soon enough.)