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LHinks: Matt Martin saga, Yan Danis's salary, fading Tanguay rumors

Today the NHL schedule is released, and I begin plotting what NHL road trips might coincide with good concerts and drop-ins on old friends/in-laws/people-who-owe-me-money. Then I realize I'll be out of vacation days by fall, and I get back to reality. Some links:

The curious case of Matt Martin, the 2008 5th-round pick and former Steven Stamkos linemate who needs a contract. [Newsday]

John at In Lou We Trust spots Yann Danis's Devils salary ($550,000) via TSN. Still unclear whether it's two-way or not; I'd venture not at that low salary. One of Bob Goodenow's greatest victories/salary-inflators was said to be his persuasion of the NHLPA to publish their salaries. But that doesn't mean teams are eager to get contract info out there.

Chris Botta with a great play-by-play from yesterday's mini-camp skate, including some thoughtful Scott Gordon quotes. Coolest part for me? Bryan Trottier tutoring the kids on faceoffs and having a ball.

If Logan says the roster is "99% complete," that confirms Alex Tanguay remains a mirage of a fantasy of a pipe dream ... right? Bloggers beg their sources to see if the Islanders ever had legit interest. Hard to imagine going past tire-kicking. Update: No indeed.

A close friend is a Minnesota native, so I love ribbing him as U. of Minnesota loses its best recruits to the NHL each year. Kyle Okposo was particularly fun. Aaron Ness will be, too -- although his official site spotlight shows he's enjoying college. Good for him. If you get the opportunity, the best college experience is hard to cut short -- even for the NHL.

The Hurricanes continued the flight from Montreal by signing Tom Kostopolous, creating a logjam at forward.

Finally, this is a few months old, but: Remember Ryan O'Marra? Yeah, his stock hasn't improved. I've always said the Ryan Smyth deal was a "defensible gamble" simply because the Islanders were able to part with prospects they weren't high on. (And this was back when 1st-rounders were part of every rental. Wait, they still are?). While I favor hoarding youngsters (such as now), once you sour on them, I'm all for getting what you can for them. (Plus, the Smyth deal may have inadvertently moved us toward reality.)