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How to make a light-blue Islanders jersey sell

Tavares_camp071009n_mediumIt really happened.

From the dark days of upsetting veterans (but that worked out OK for Billy Guerin. Jon Sim? not so much.) while getting trounced through much of December 2008, the Islanders have emerged as needed to have one John Tavares skate, on their ice, wearing their logo. (Does that '70s-ish yet unmistakably Islanders logo do the same for you that it does for me? Mmph, that's sweet.)

Of course, the threads backing that logo were a rather pacifist shade of light blue, which means one thing: Look for light-blue Islanders practice jerseys to sell like hot cakes!

A surprising volume of good info flowed out of the mini-camp, via sources beyond the triumvirate of usual suspects who are there through thick and thin (i.e., not the johnny-come-randomly Daily News). A giant pile of links and comment after the jump...

Enjoy your weekend -- and enjoy mini-camp, if you get to make it. Remember you need to show up early to get the mandatory wristband.