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LHinks: Wang, Murray meet; universe does not implode

For the first time in more than five months, the two central figures in the future of the Islanders and of a certain section of Long Island -- Islanders owner Charles Wang and Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray -- met, in person. It was the Long Island Regional Planning Council meeting, with the Lighthouse Project as one agenda item.

There were some sparks, but it was hardly matter and anti-matter coming together to annihilate one another. There was even a mildly optimistic tone from Wang immediately following -- though I'm not sure if that was from any progress or just from the release of getting to address his frustrations with Murray face-to-face, in public.

Wang repeated his October deadline before looking elsewhere; he repeated his wish to hear "yes or no" from Murray. Murray said she can't deliver on either, not now (" about now? ... Now? We there yet?"). But they will meet again Friday to outline "process." As I've argued all along, regardless of one's position, engagement is always good. Communication and accessibility is a public representative's obligation. Or so goes the theory. [Reports and reactions after the jump]

No matter where the Islanders are headed, the franchise will have a new star in its lineup next season. A little hockey-related stuff yesterday:

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