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LHinks: NHL Draft aftermath, John Tavares impact felt

It's the second morning of Tavares as Islander, and it still feels goooood.

Extending the celebration (for me, anyway), I've been invited to chime in for a segment on the weekly Kurtenbloggers show around 2 p.m. EDT for Vancouver's Team 1040 radio. Those guys run the great Orland Kurtenblog and the entertaining radio show. They want to hear how fans have reacted to the big moment, among other things.

Since starting this blog in October, I've encountered Islanders fans from the West Coast all the wasy to Eastern Europe (and you Asian visitors are encouraged to weigh in, too.) So I'll try do everyone justice, relaying the enthusiasm that was unleashed Friday -- and share the link to archived audio afterward.

Meanwhile, I'm gearing up for part draft review, part free agency anticipation. (In addition to the market, I'd like to get a community report card for UFA Andy Hilbert up before July 1.) This is going to be a busy week.

Some links to pursue, of Tavares, draft and beyond, after the jump...

Newsday stuff:


On that note, two videos of what The Moment was like at the Islanders Draft Party (think I have dust in my eye here):

NHL-wide Stuff