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NHL Draft: Islanders celebration & 1st-round open thread

Greetings, regulars and newbies. This is the NHL Draft live thread for comments from Islanders fans and other visitors at Lighthouse Hockey. This is where the blow-by-blow will be before the pick, after the pick (assuming everyone's still alive), leading up through the rest of the first round.

After the pick, I will probably throw up a quick reaction post relating to that pick specifically. But this is the Lighthouse Hockey post where I'll be chiming in for the rest of the goings-on of the 1st round (again, assuming my heart keeps ticking) throughout the night. As for other coverage, live blogs and the latest from the other bloggers live on the floor, check the list in this coverage post.

Needless to say, the Web is absolutely booming with coverage and quips around the draft today -- all entertaining yet hard to keep up with. In Tavares We Trust...