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NHL Draft: Trades and rumors thread

[Updated after the jump, as stuff comes in] If you're often "on holiday" during NHL Draft Day, as I tend to be, you might not realize that this weekend is like the Trade Deadline in terms of trade volume. Let's just say I've had many a relaxing day at the beach ruined by walking back to the condo to see a sign of Milbury's work running across ESPN's ticker.

Granted, most of the deals happen on the floor or on Day 2, and most are just swaps of picks as one team sees "their guy" slipping through their hands. But there are also more interesting actual asset swaps than you see at the deadline, with teams seeking to realign their cost/talent structure rather than just shuffling UFAs from rebuilders to contenders.

Like the offer of the moment: Phil Kessel for Tomas Kaberle and the Leafs' #7 overall pick. That sounds crazy and incomplete to my ears [update: The story has since been updated to a more sane level: Kessel and a pick for Kaberle], but it is a reflection of the kind of assets in play when NHL GMs get their summer fantasy GM game on.

So as not to clutter up the front page, this post will be the spot to list and react to any league-wide trades and speculation that might heat up during the day. I'll update this as necessary; you can post anything you hear in comments. Maybe this will remain empty (even Kaberle's trade window doesn't kick in until the draft starts), but I prefer that to adding a new post for each transaction, if the ticker goes wild. If nothing happens, this clutter will f a d e away. (But I might revive it tomorrow.)

Scott Niedermayer: Controlling Chris Pronger's Destiny more than Mrs. Pronger?

Might as well put this one up there: Scott Niedermayer has the Ducks waiting on his decision again. He's supposedly going to decide his future today, which would clear up the picture for the Ducks so they can consider including Chris Pronger (note: not Hedman) in any draft weekend blockbusters.

If you were (or are) a Ducks fan, don't you get a liiiitle bit ticked off with the annual Niedermayer existential crisis? I know he's great, and I actually like him a bit, but I'd like to think he knows how to make this decision promptly by now...

The Architect Narrows Florida's GM Search

Bill Torrey has reportedly narrowed the list down for the Panthers, and a former Islanders* GM is on the list. I'd be pretty disappointed in the ol' bowtie if he went with Doug MacLean, though. His end in Columbus left a lot of questions. Follow Litter Box Cats for on this story...

Flyers Chasing Clowe?

Broad Street Hockey is naturally following this one, citing Dreger "tweeting" that the Flyers are one of four teams in the chase. Interesting piece to part with for San Jose's pursuit of The Promised Land.