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LHinks: NHL draft theories and wishes galore

My Lord Bossy, the blogosphere is great.

As a fan, I've often yawned at the draft because the ink-to-reality ratio is so skewed. Projecting the NHL future of players beyond the top 10 is like projecting the weather 45 days from now: I've got an idea of probability, but beyond that ...? Things change.

Yet people talk in certain terms because humans don't deal well with uncertainty. It gets to be overkill.

That was a long way of saying, Tavares/#1 pick aside, the great blogging coverage of the draft has gotten me excited about it like never before.

Three theories of the draft:

  • From the 2009 playoffs' best players: 1st round, forward; 2nd-round D [Birdwatchers Anonymous]
  • But wait: Over time, it's a little blurrier -- but never draft a goalie high. [Gospel of Hockey]
  • Are higher picks really that necessary to a team's success? [PPP FanPost]

Other fun draft/Isles links after the jump...

Non-draft stuff:

More to come as the hours tick away...