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Mocking the Draft: We pick again

If you've been following the mock NHL draft among the SBN blogs, coordinated by James Mirtle -- who apparently never sleeps -- you know that our turn is coming up again at #26. To see who's off the board so far (here are the first 21 picks), check out From the Rink.

Our Tavares pick was the easy one. This next one -- which the Islanders may never use, given their desire to trade up -- involves a little more thinking and dancing into the unknown. That's why I'm asking for your input. Below is a poll with some of the guys likely to be available at 26 in SBN's mock draft. Select among them, or leave a new name (and rationale) in comments.

For some reference material, here are two recent mock drafts and a handy profile list, for the serious student:

I watch some college hockey, very little junior hockey -- and zero Swedish Elite League hockey, for that matter -- so I'm going off of what I've read, which is a peanut gallery of expertise and hearsay. If you have any special insight or gut feeling, or even a burning desire to draft for need at #26, by all means explain yourself. The scout guru floor (and anonymous polling booth) is yours.