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Grading the Islanders: Bruno Gervais

[Blogger's Note: I am officially out of the country for the week, but I have posts like this pre-scheduled in the coming days. Plus, Islesblogger Mike and IslesOfficial Doug will also keep things humming. And Tuesday, the SBN mock draft will begin, with a certain Orange and Blue blog announcing our choice for the #1 pick. As always, thanks for stopping by...]

Bruno Gervais came into this league with Chris Campoli. Though they didn't always occupy the same lineup in Bridgeport and Long Island, and their strengths are subtly different, their development was largely parallel. This year one of them found a niche as Scott Gordon's 2nd-most-trusted defenseman. The other is playing in the land where Dany Heatley no longer desires to tread...

Bruno Gervais

#8 / Defenseman / New York Islanders



Oct 03, 1984


Through 2010-11 at $741k cap hit

On this blueline, is Bruno #7?

2008-09 - Bruno Gervais 69 3 16 19 -15 33 0 83 115 21:35 82 3.7

Random Fact: Fans watched in awe this season as Bruno's hair grew in concert with his on-ice responsibilities, no doubt leading to him breaking a 160-game goal drought.

'This is Our Concern, Dude' Fact: Despite his progress, the jury is still out whether an ambitious team wants Bruno Gervais playing 21-plus minutes a night. Paired with Mark Streit in the final stretch of the season, it was working out just fine -- but is that a reflection of Bruno's abilities, or a reflection of just how much Streit makes his teammates better?

The Story: In preseason, Scott Gordon and just about everyone believed Gervais was this club's #7 defensemen. Injuries to the blueline from Day 1 meant that issue never really surfaced, and as Gervais gobbled up more minutes -- by necessity -- he made huge strides. It was rough going in the first third of the season, but moving yourself from #7 to a trusted pairing with Streit is no small feat.

The Good: Gervais pairs well with Streit, and Streit's influence continues to improve his play.

The Bad: The first few times Gervais hit 20 minutes in a game this season, it wasn't a great thing. They were not paired together for much of the year, but Gervais' minus-15 stands out next to Streit's plus-6. It's unclear what Bruno's potential is without Streit, as when the Swiss Master is out injured, it's not like Gervais just slides smoothly over into the #1 slot.

The Poem (or lyric):

Bruno, Bruno! Your name inspires things
Not quite sure what they are
Kinda like what your game brings

Bruno, Bruno! Your hair is where it's at
We like to watch it grow
And sprout beyond your hat

Bruno, Bruno! Keep this groove you've set
Cause we like cheap sound D
Who occasionally hit the net
(Yes yes, please occasionally hit the net.)

The Grade: So what say you, then? Despite a 22-goal season in juniors and a 17-goal season in AHL Bridgeport, it's been clear for a while Gervais wasn't going to be a serious offensive defensemen. But is what we saw at the end of the year -- a stable guy who can hold his own and pinch a little -- enough of what you expected? Leave your vote, with your grade relative to your preseason expectations for Gervais.