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Bill Guerin, Ruslan Fedotenko, Miro Satan: Stanley Cup champions

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Bill Guerin's second -- 14 years after his first, and in his "last chance." Ruslan Fedotenko's second, five years and two teams after his first.

And Miroslav Satan -- signed with a Cup finalist but demoted to the AHL to make room for his former captain -- nonetheless redeems himself and gets his first. And here I thought Satan would have to be a Devil to reach the Promised Land.

Pretty cool stuff. The first team in three nearly four decades to win the Cup in a road Game 7. A vengeance Cup, no less, with their superstar injured for half the game.

Congratulations to these former Islanders, the core they helped, and the Pens fans who were with them from runner-up to 10th-place playoff maybes to Stanley Cup champions. It's been a wild ride, so fun to watch.

In the words of Maxim Talbot: Marian, "you chose the wrong team." (By the way, what's with special Wings fans booing half the celebration and the handshake line? Spoiled, petulant fools. Save it for That's why they play the games. Outstanding two-year run by the Wings, though; they made it an excellent final -- and despite their dominance, they proved how many things need to go juuuuust right to survive four rounds and end up on top.

For the rest of us outside of Pittsburgh, now begins the crappiest part of the year.