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Playin' for All the Marbles

Well folks, it's been fun. We've been through a long, arduous season especially if you're an Islander fan. Tonight it all comes down to who wants it more. It comes down to who is willing to sacrifice mind, body and soul for a chance to hold the chalice many have spent their youth dreaming about.

For many team execs, this is the culmination of strategy and selection since the Draft the year before. Did your team draft that last key cog? Did you trade a draft pick here or player you really loved at the deadline to give yourself a shot at the Holy Grail? How many times as fans, have you shook your fist at the TV or at the arena trying to will the players on the ice to victory?

Tonight, two cities and two teams and their fans get one last crack at it. So Pens fans, don't forget those Tuxedos and Terrible Towels and Red Wings fans, don't forget that Motown Mojo. One game to decide it all. I don't think anyone would have wanted it any other way.

Enjoy tonight. No matter which team you root for.