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Secession: Taking the 'NY' out of the Islanders

This is not hockey related, and this place is in no way meant to be a local politics forum (Lighthouse Project discussion aside), but it's the Islanders' off-season and this was too funny not to share with other visitors:

Legis. Daniel Losquadro (R-Shoreham), the body's GOP leader, called for a revolt on Long Island against the state.

"I truly believe that the actions that have been taken by those in Albany on the part of Long Islanders are tyrannical," he said in a statement. "I think we are at the point of revolt, we have gone past that ... Long Island needs to stand up and take whatever actions ... necessary to throw off those shackles of the tyrants up in New York State."

Aside from the small matter of having to take up arms with a rec hockey player's physique, the biggest problem I see with this plan is having to rework the Islanders' logo so that the "NY" becomes an "LI." Adding a blade to a vertical 'I' would really change the lie of the hockey stick to an unplayable degree, though.


On the other hand, you could make the 'L' the new hockey stick, facing the other direction. In fact, then the puck would actually be in a playable position for the blade! This secession idea just might have some merit after all!

Yes, I jest, as do (most of) the lawmakers to make their point about taxation and tea parties and such.

But out of some 1700 votes in Newsday's online poll thus far (which they helpfully state is "not scientifc"), nearly 70% of [online poll] voters [who can waste time at work by clicking "submit"] were in favor of Long Island seceding from New York State.

I can hear Gilda Radner now, as Miss Litella, ranting about the nerve of people wanting to make Long Island a steak.

Submissions are welcome for reworking the team logo to reflect the Great Long Island secession. (You can post images in comments.) I do have access to Photoshop and Paint, but I have to bribe friends to get it, and I operate such programs with all the speed of Adam Creighton, and all the acumen of Mike Milbury.