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Islanders @ Hurricanes [game thread]

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Next Game

New York Islanders
@ Carolina Hurricanes

Tuesday, Apr 7, 2009, 7:00 PM EDT
[some bank or what-not] Center | MSG+2 (twice the plus!)

Complete Coverage >

Hopefully MSG+2 comes in without technical difficulties for you locals.

You know what makes me sad? These game threads are set up through a pre-loaded widget where I pick the game off a drop-down schedule and add my own bit of effluvium. Well, now that schedule drop-down shows just three more games after this. It looks so naked, so cold.

The NHL playoffs consume me whether or not my team(s) make it, but there's something sorry about seeing this season draw to a close. This has been more enjoyable than I could ever imagine a last-place season being. Part of that has been the fun of doing this site -- which will keep humming through the playoffs and offseason -- and the feedback we've gotten from you folks, but part of it is this team has simply been fun to follow. These aren't leftover contracts and baggage we've been watching, either -- they're exciting young kids who show some promise.

Of course the climax, the best times, are in wins and championships. But the foreplay, the nuts and bolts, is in the journey.

Here's the game thread. I should be around by game time for one massive night of NHL hockey.