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'Malkin to the Kings' strikes again with Tavares bit

I have never gotten too involved in the "blogger vs. reporter" debate, or war, or whatever you want to call it. Essentially: Good writing and information is independent of the medium through which it's delivered. Heck, I'd read hockey coverage via smoke signals if only I could figure out the code.

So I can't be arsed to pretend any writer is better based on his/her platform. Fools exist in all walks of life, in every profession, in every region. They bring down their peers only if we let them.

And that's one thing the advent of blogging and all its associated Internet weaponry has done: It has helped us discern which print reporters are doing great work, and which reporters (or columnists, usually) are doing ... something else.

Not for nothing, Bruce "Malkin to the Kings" Garrioch provides his readers the great service of the following "information," under the lovely hedged heading of "Sources Say" (Emphasis mine -- can you spot the errors?):

Is John Tavares already making waves? (Ed.: I don't know, but I bet you're about to tell me.) There are rumours abound (You mean the months-old, since-refuted rumors?) the potential No. 1 overall draft pick John from the London Knights doesn't want to play for the New York Islanders (Care to describe your "sources"?).

Tavares has never publicly said he wouldn't play for the Isles (Why, you're right! In fact, he publicly refuted such speculation to multiple reporters a month ago. Which begs the question of your intent.) ... The reality (Wait, you're familiar with this term?) is if Tavares gets drafted by the Isles, he might only have to play (cute diction there, pally) on Long Island for one year. If owner Charles Wang doesn't get help from local government to build a new arena, the Islanders are bound for Kansas City (that clear cut, is it?).


Are you kidding me? Read much? Slow week, so time to bust out months-old "rumours" as if you have something to add?

At best, it's just sloppy, but based on Malkin to the Kings' typical form, you can imagine it's a whole lot more disingenuous than that. Either Malkin to the Kings is laying a veiled accusation that Tavares is lying when he publicly refuted the months-old allegations of Lindrosairres Disease, or Malkin to the Kings is not doing his homework, or he's just recycling rumors like any random hack. (Which option is 'all of the above?')

And the implication that the alleged objections to playing for the Islanders would be somehow removed by a move to Kansas City is likewise bizarrely ... out there.

On top of that, the Islanders location situation is not a "Lighthouse or Kansas City" either/or scenario, and anyone who can type G-O-O-G-L-E could figure that out.

As I've said, I generally try to ignore tripe like this. But when it reaches a lot of eyes, then I get questions from people about the Islanders being "bound for Kansas City." Could it happen? Yeah. And the Panthers could win the Cup, too. But they aren't "bound to" without a whole lot of other stuff happening first.

But sources say I'm just a blogger in his mother's basement, so don't believe a word I say.