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Lightning-Islanders [game thread]

Tb-bay_medium Nyi-lhlow_medium

Tampa Bay Lightning (tank troubles) @ New York Islanders (tanktastic)

7 p.m. EDT | Nassau [gloriously unsponsored] Veterans Mem. Coliseum | MSG+

One Bolt of a blog: Raw Charge

I have a charity event to attend tonight (translation: There will be an auction and an open bar), so I actually won't see this game live. If you watch and would be so kind as to leave any thoughts/snipes about the game, those are always fun to return to.

The IslandersPointBlank "EXCLUSIVE" of the day (just teasing: both in media and then in PR, the term "exclusive" always struck me as the bane -- the neon running lights and license plate frame, if you will -- of the information world): The NHL is hoping to get the five worst last-place/Tavares-elligible GMs to be in attendance for the live lottery drawing. An obvious idea, something the NBA used to do (maybe they still do ... basketball is not on my radar). Will be fun if they can get the GMs to cooperate.

With that, here is your EXCLUSIVE SBN-hosted, Islanders-site-based, live game thread. Be yours to tank it low.