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LHinks: Big-game prep edition

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Some links of fun and an old Slapshot-level brawl before two big Western playoff games tonight...

Islanders Bits

At the Worlds, Scott Gordon ran into center Aigars Cipruss (another great Latvian name), whom Gordon coached 15 years ago in Knights-era Atlanta, back before I knew what a thrasher was.

Speaking of cool names, Botta says prospect Rhett Rakhshani is staying at DU.

James Mirtle breaks down some advanced goalie stats from Behind the Net, attempting to discern which goalies faced harder shots. Naturally, Joey MacDonald and Yann Danis made the list -- with Danis faring far better.

Tonight's Playoff Game Bits

Can the Sharks pull it off? Sample the mood among fans at BoC and Fear the Fin.

Can the Flames? Dion Phanarfegnugen is out, and the mood is gloomy before tonight's home Game 6. Hawks fans are pumped and have the power of Big Country's mangled finger as small inspiration.

Random League Bits

An enjoyable exchange with Coach Torts not talking about his suspension. [LeBrun]

A look at Montreal's daunting off-season in USA Today. So Isles fans, do we still want Mike Komisarek?

Funny juxtoposition of Gordie How and Chris Chelios at SI. Think Chelios dyes his hair?

The Falconer hilariously goes off on Erik Christensen.

Lowetide fancies Jaromir Jagr. A Western destination is fine by me.

Finally, The Program featured this classic Islanders-Flyers brawl over the weekend, which I repost here in honor of the "old-time hockey" Flames-Hawks series taking place out West.

This clip is epic not only for the yard sale of equipment left on the ice, and the rare incident of Mike Bossy getting drawn into a fight ... but also for the lovely teletype promos for Mary Tyler Moore and The Benny Hill Show at about the 5:00 mark (On old tapes like this, such promos amid carnage are often more jarring than the brawl itself):