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Canadiens-Islanders [game thread]

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The Second-to-Last Dynasty (39-27-10, 8th/E) @ The Last Dynasty (30th-ish)

7 p.m. EDT | Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum | MSG+

Habslogs: Habs Eyes on the Prize | Habs Inside/Out

Cheers to any and all visitors to the game thread last night and tonight. I know these end-of-season, last place games can be hard to get up for, but we can practice using the site tools for when the games shall matter again (They will matter again one day, right?). And of course, while our season is essentially done, we I have those Litter Box Cats to think about.

I assume the Isles won't wear the retro thirds tonight. I like Trevor Smith, but I don't like seeing #77 in that color without it reading TURGEON above it.