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Miroslav Satan Clears Waivers, Snow Gets a Pass?

For all the lumps Garth Snow took at the end of last season for allowing the likes of Miroslav Satan, Ruslan Fedotenko and Josef Vasicek (not even in the NHL this season) to walk for nothing in the off season when they drew little interest come deadline time -- should Pittsburgh Penguins GM Ray Shero be blasted in the same respect? I doubt he will, while Snow will likely continue to be vilified due to his "inexperience."

Miroslav Satan

#81 / Right Wing / Pittsburgh Penguins



Oct 22, 1974

2008 - Miroslav Satan 65 17 19 36 3 36 6 0 2 0 120 14.2

Satan, who has 35 points in 65 games, has struggled to find chemistry on a team chocked full of talent with Crosby and Malkin among others. Now he has found himself clearing waivers, with no teams interested in him for the second time in two seasons.

It's unfortunate that a player's value -- one with Satan's talent -- continues to dwindle season after season. He could be a victim of the "new NHL," or he could just be showing some age. Nobody really knows for sure.

The one thing I am almost positive of: Garth Snow will be viewed in the negative, while this non-move will not tarnish the image of Ray Shero in the least. Seems as if there is a bit of a double standard there.

Edited 5:53pm

Pensburgh reports that Miroslav Satan was sent down to Pittsburgh's AHL affiliate. Ouch.