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What's in a name, what's in a jersey?

This post is really just an excuse to play with some new photo toys we were handed for SB Nation blogs. Now featured in future stories at Lighthouse Hockey: real, legal wire photos!

Also, the stats, team and player pages should be more intuitive now, showing relevant stories about a player from the other team blogs, too. Check this Sean Bergenheim page as a nice example. Pretty awesome sauce. Stats (with decimals) and some things still need tweaking, but this is going to make navigation and finding relevant content a blast.

But while we're here, how about that sweet picture of Doug Weight in beautiful retro blue? Whether or not Weight is around to see it, I hope that uni becomes the standard soon. Hope a similar white one follows, too. And I hope that RBK (vowels not included) learns that those hideous shirt-tails are, well, hideous and as absurd as the rest of their EDGE affront to aesthetic dignity.

Finally, an interesting story about a side deal between Lighthouse Project developers and the veterans groups about compensating them for the naming rights of Nassau [gloriously unsponsored] Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The current name is actually in the county charter. Payment would be $1 million spread over 20 years.

Veterans have zealously guarded the coliseum name since they persuaded then County Executive Ralph Caso to adopt it in 1971 before the building was completed.

"I hate to lose the name but it cannot be stopped," [one veteran] said. "If we don't give up the name, they will take it (the coliseum) all the way down and the vets would be left with nothing."

Good point. You knew this day would come. Whatever new name some corporate sponsor comes up with, the jury is out on whether I'll use it much. Seen too many arena name changes to think it's worth remembering the first Enron/Savvis/PacBell/SBC/Fleet moniker that comes along. I'll take my "Coliseum," thanks.