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LHinks: Line brawls and Japanese pride

Between NHL and NCAA, I probably watched 10 hours of hockey yesterday. Now, I'm not so much going through withdrawal as I am a little shocked to see the sun. Some light stories:

  • The Canucks and Blackhawks fought over fourth place, and Luongo got the 4-0 shutout. Better: A slow-developing line brawl broke out once Canucks players realized Dustin Byfuglien had hit Luongo. Video features hair-pulling, MMA take-downs, general old-time hockey insanity. Good times.
  • The incredible Bemidji State (gesundheit!) has made it to the NCAA Frozen Four.
  • The Blues won again -- incredibly, moving into playoff position -- and some TJ Oshie guy (oh, is he good?) scored another nice goal (David Perron, too).
  • Nice to see a youth movement pay off in St. Louis. Drive for Five reflects on the Islanders' version.
  • One Boston writer speculates on Matt Gilroy's looming payday -- and doubts that the Habs can keep Mike Komisarek. Does Garth bid on either?
  • Via Mirtle, Cycle Like Sedins reports on hockey in Japan. I love the way different cultures approach sport. Can you imagine Scott Gordon saying this after a big loss? "Great play and they did all their bests. I am very proud of the players." (Actually, don't answer that.)
    ... If I may extrapolate lessons from my own Czech-infused upbringing, Czechs (at least ones like my dad) might respond like this: "It was awful. Everything was miserable. We were very unlucky and many of us are sick. I am disappointed. But this is how it always goes. At least we have beer."