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Splinters: Islanders win streak* and pre-deadline edition

*Two games is still a streak, right? As always, add more links in comments. Or I may add when I resume consciousness. You never know.

League bid'ness:

  • So last night was fun, right? As hockey fans, that is what we live for -- and this is what FanPosts are for (hint hint) [Pensburgh FanPost, repeat from the game thread]
  • Oh, and this is one serious yet hilarious FanPost about trade expectations [Pension Plan Puppets FanPost] (Did I already link to that? I don't remember. I've been ill.)
  • Absolutely fascinating glimpse into six GM's version of Christmas Deadline Day, including the Hossa, Smyth and Weight deals []
  • Reaction to the Havelid/Anssi trade: Devils fans, Thrashers fans, Mirtle (who claims to be neutral but we know better). More NHL Trade Deadline reactions.
  • Is this legit or is Brian Burke bluffing? I see him eating his Oreo just so. [TSN]
  • Those Rangers may enjoy Torts for a moment, buuut... [Jay Feaster/THN]
  • Today is Avery day: Hope the Rangers reap what they sow. [Daily News]
  • Smyth, Havelid, Tkachuk, Guerin: A bait for every team. [Puck Daddy]

And more Islanders bloggers' fun and frolic over the win and trades [after the jump]: