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Islanders-Red Wings [game thread]

First vs. Thirtieth! Bragging rights on the line!

Seriously, though: Can you imagine the heartache if Osgood throws a stinker? A healthy Doug Weight and a half-way decent power play could at least bring out the antacid for a moment.

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Islanders (24-41-8, 30th unteralles) @ Red Wings (49-16-9, 1st uberalles)

7:30 EDT | [gloriously unsponsored] Joe Louis Arena | MSG+

Blog of the please-get-it-back-Osgoods: Winging it in Motown

I cannot get excited by the looming Wings' four consecutive seasons of 50 wins thing. Not in this "the people demand a winner" version of the NHL, where wins are handed out like door prizes and points emerge like belly lint. The Red Wings are phenomenal, a pillar of consistency: This I see with my own eyes. Just don't use an incongruent historical analogy to make the case.

Meanwhile, the best form of NCAA March "madness" continues with the NCAA ice hockey regionals. (What? You thought I was talking about traveling and possession arrows? Psheesh.) Puck Daddy had a nice primer. You'd also benefit from checking out SBN blog Western College Hockey blog's continuing coverage. Air Force has already upset Michigan.

Here is the game thread for live comments during the game. Technically for NHL hockey, but college hockey or knitting tips also welcome. Contents unpredictable and not guaranteed by warranty.