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Lighthouse meeting reactions

I'm sure more reflections will come out in the days ahead, but here are some initial reactions to yesterday's Lighthouse Project outreach meeting, where some 1,000 were in attendance.

As Isleblogger Mike said in comments here yesterday, it's simply frustrating when something that seems to make sense and seems to have little opposition is nonetheless hindered by politics.

In my life I've gotten the growing impression that local/municipal politics can be worst of them all, based on the petty stakes and side arrangements that often draw participants into them. If an official isn't drawn to politics at that level by a passion for their local community, then they're drawn by something else entirely, which rarely has community interests first. That's not a statement on any specific leader, just a general observation of how local machines and bureaucracies get to the point where they move at a glacial pace, and at someone else's choosing. Gotta do things "how we do 'em 'round here" or not at all.