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LHinks: Hillen, Duguay, playoff madness

Mike Comrie scored on a backhand (sans toe drag) last night as the Senators won again, beating some other team. How many playoff bubble teams would kill for Ottawa's meaningless 9-1 run?

Overall, another wild day/night as Philly handed Pittsburgh its first March loss (with a chance to take over fourth from the Flyers), Boston reasserted its claim to the East over New Jersey, while Anaheim (t-9th) and Minnesota (t-9th, beating 7th Edmonton) boosted their playoff pushes. Several more big matchups tonight, including Carolina vs. Florida and Los Angeles vs. St. Louis (duh, LA-STL is Tuesday).

But enough about teams playing games that matter. Some very Islanders-centric links:

That reminds me: As I've watched the seasons-long resentment going on involving Crosby, Malkin, or Ovechkin, etc. and their fans, I start to dread where Tavares -- wherever he lands -- could enter that equation. The amount of worry about how much "respect" Ovechkin is getting and how "poster boy" Crosby is makes me think people are missing some really good hockey.