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Splinters: Guerin limbo snowstorm edition

Bill Guerin is still here and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead. Hope everyone is either finding your way out of the snow or enjoying winter's last stand. As snow falls and Snow waits, it's a wacky, wacky world of NHL trade deadline goodness:

  • So yeah, Guerin isn't going to D.C. {wink}. But case he is, check the Japers' Rink comments for a read on what Caps fans think he'd add. [Japers' Rink]
  • Regarding the case of Vets v. Gordon, Mark Herrmann says it shouldn't have come to this ... or maybe it should have. [Newsday] I've said my bit.
  • Pronger Kaberle to Boston for a ransom! [CBC] Wait, no strike that! [TSN]
  • "Malkin to L.A." says everybody wants Jay-Bo. Jay-Bo is unmoved, as usual.
  • You've already refreshed the page 258 times, but Botta makes a good non-Guerin point about whichever poor Bridgeport sap is Captain McNulty's replacement tonight. Welcome to the party, pal. [Islanders Point Blank]
  • But those Sound Tigers are on a tear... [Forever 1940]
  • ... and hip! At Saturday's Tigers game, the Palm Isle gang met Tim "Dr. Hook" McCracken! He hasn't changed a lick. [Palm Isle]
  • NYI Fan Central digs back for the pro-Gordon quotes from vets this season, sort of expanding the on-record praise vs. anonymous critique theme.
  • Tiger Track thinks he knows why an autographed Vesa Toskala jersey is on auction at the Coliseum. We like it when Vesa visits, yes we do.

Will I beat this flu bug before Guerin is dealt? The bug is winning, but at this rate...