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LHinks: Island greenery

If you're Irish (or even Irish by marriage), you don't need reminding. But today you should be wearing green or breaking away from work/school/firewatching for a beer (or six) and corned beef n' stuff...

  • Atlanta altered its Tavares standing last night thanks to Kari Lehtonen's 49 saves (10 on Ovechkin, who didn't speak afterward) -- 1:15 away from a shutout -- in beating the Caps 5-1. Gawk at Caps fan reaction at Japers' Rink.Nyi-stpat_medium
  • Cool story: 14 months and 111 games later, Brian Pothier returned. [WaPo]
  • Mirtle discusses how our Isles have made the Tavares race interesting again. 
  • Speaking of, Mark Herrmann makes Tavares sound ... good. [Newsday]
  • Last year's Tavares light, Steve Stamkos is putting it together, with 20 pts. in the last 20 GP. [Pierre LeBrun]
  • You likely haven't been looking at this like I have (Stuart Smalley says: "And that's ... o-kay."), but the Blues have pulled within one two points of 8th in the West. They've been on a ridiculous run, but it's still an uphill climb. [St. Louis Game Time]
  • Rudy breaks down what was -- no, really -- the worst play in hockey history. [Battle of California]
  • Will it ever get old to bring up the Redden contract? No, no it won't. [NY Post]
  • Missed this the other day, but Campoli scored and Comrie iced the shootout win for Ottawa over Pittsburgh. [AP] Campoli: 18:17 TOI, 5:09 on PP.
  • And Botta has a few Capuano quotes about Robin Figren's N. American debut.