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Islanders-Blackhawks [live game thread]

A pox on these matinee games. I should be outside, but why not take in back-to-back garbage time matinee games instead?

Ha: Greg Logan clarified that the "bad apples" quote he got from Scott Gordon did not include former captain Bill Guerin, as Logan had interpreted it. I wondered about that "couple" being translated into three -- but as always, context is everything...

Stick-square_medium Chi-feathers_medium

New York Islanders (23-38-8, 30th) at Chicago Blackhawks (37-20-9, 4th/W)

3 p.m. EDT | [some airline] Center | MSG+

Native/helicopter/bird blogs: Second City Hockey | Fifth Feather | Ghost of Ed...

Absolutely wild to see both Tampa Bay and Atlanta come back very late in their games last night to tie and then win in the shootout -- against playoff-chasing Florida and Buffalo -- altering the Tavares standings yet again. What will the Islanders' response be today?