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LHinks: Bailey scratched? Bruno Langway? Billy happy...

Congratulations to Mike Iggulden on his first NHL goal and his fifth point in four games. It's been a long road for the Cornell product -- is this a turning point?

To me, Jibblescribbits' salient point is this:

"The NHL is quick to paint itself as a different kind of sports league, one that prides itself on the idea that hockey players are bands-of-brothers battling side-by-side for something noble. But the NHL bailed on one of their players as soon as he became a symbol, and threatened to expose, an ugly side of hockey."

I think that applies to hockey culture in general: reflected in its "let's move on" treatment of hazing, Frost-level youth exploitation, head injuries -- even the question of whether a gay player could comfortably come out of the closet in the NHL (or any other hockey league in North America). People generally just want to focus on the game -- hell, I do too, it's entertainment after all.

But when there are human rights issues at stake, that might be occasion to call a TV timeout. Seems like those timeouts only last a day or two, persistent underlying social issues be damned. Awareness is an essential part of preventing exploitation and deterring bigotry -- but awareness requires, you know, talking about such things.

As always, if you have more links -- particularly Islanders-related, but anything goes -- feel free to drop them with your thoughts in comments.