Bergenheim, MacDonald Injured


As if the injury bug couldn't hurt enough, the Islanders suffered two additional injuries during last nights 3-2 overtime loss in Toronto. According to Greg Logan of Newsday, Bergenheim suffered a groin strain in the third period and goaltender Joey MacDonald suffered an undisclosed knee injury. Both players have been sent home for further examination and it appears Peter Mannino gets the call as backup. Nate Thompson and Richard Park are both on the trip - they may not even need to tap into the Bridge for reinforcements. Some of us here at Lighthouse are sure to be jaded in our view of this, having spoken about this team's sudden resurgence and the real possibility of playing themselves out of that number one or number two pick come June. It seems that the Hockey Gods may have had a real plan in place for these Islanders after all. This just got even more interesting.