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Islanders-Lightning [open game thread]

Sean Bergenheim returns tonight. Mark Streit remains out, as expected.

Logan reports that Richard Park will center Bergenheim and Jackman. He also has some good quotes from Bergie, who has become the "forgotten" youngster with the combination of his injury and the great play of the Kid Line.

"I think my role is pretty defensive, but I think I can do more," Bergenheim said. "It's up to me to do that, too. So, it's no excuses. I have to play hard and try to find that game."

Indeed. The kid has hands -- as none other than Teemu Selanne has attested. So it's just a matter of finding them consistently.

Isle-east_medium Tb-bay_medium

New York Islanders (16-30-5) at Tampa Bay Lightning (17-24-11)

7:30 p.m. EST | A Newspaper (they still exist?) Forum | MSG+

Lightning meets Internet: Lightning Strikes | Jon Jordon (HB) | Bolts Blog

[Bolts Blog was the guest on today's HNLI podcast, with an Islanders Castaway (blogger) who's clearly spent too much time this year on his studies!]

Also, via Logan's weekly "Islanders Insider," a totally new outlook from Scott Gordon regarding Yann Danis. This wouldn't be shocking except that Gordon showed little faith in Danis by choice (Joey Mac's 17 consecutive starts) and by words (post-game criticism). Was it just tough love? If so, did it work? Consider:

"One thing about Yann, I think he's taken it a step further than what Joey did," Gordon said. "Not that Joey didn't play well, but certainly, Yann, from a level of consistency, has been able to play like a guy that's a true No. 1. That's reflective of his numbers -- eight games -- to consistently give up less than three goals is what you expect a No. 1 guy to do..."

Day-amn, dude! Chicken and the egg here: If injuries and lineup discontinuity were to blame for the Islanders struggles before the recent 4 wins in 5, would they also be part of why Joey Mac wasn't keeping it below three goals against every game? Just wondering.

And a game threading we will go. Will it be threadbare or a ball of yarn? Only one way to find out... All comments, vents, wisecracks and general tomfoolery welcome.