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Splinters: Goalies, Guerin's influence, that 2008 draft trade

Joey MacDonald: Surprise starter, yes -- but at fault?

For his game recap, Greg Logan went with the surprising goalie selection that several of us found odd. But acting like MacDonald was at fault is a bit of a stretch:

The player who spent most of this season filling in for injured starter Rick DiPietro gave up two long-distance goals in the first period, and the Islanders never completely recovered as their four-game winning streak ended with a 3-2 loss to Florida.

Whoa. On that second "long-distance" goal, MacDonald was trying his damndest to see around his own teammate! While providing the perfect screen for the Panthers, Andy Hilbert clenched up in the slot like he was on his way to see the guy with the ASSMAN license plates.

But Logan got some thoughts out of Scott Gordon on the selection. Sounds like Danis is back in net for Tampa Bay.

Guerin, the Deadline, what He's Meant to the Rookies

Some great stuff in The New York Times on Bill Guerin's captaincy and the trade deadline question. I know it makes cold, hard, rebuild asset sense to deal whatever vets we can. But the quotes from Kyle Okposo and Josh Bailey about Guerin's influence are exactly why some of us consider if -- barring fantastic offers -- one or two of these vets should be kept around.

I mean, this team has had a miserable season -- but with very little locker room combustion. That's rare, no? Isn't some of that due to Guerin and Weight types? Oh, that's right: Guerin doesn't fight anymore, so dump him.

That 2008 Schenn-pick Trade

We cry that the Islanders don't get enough coverage, but sometimes that's not so bad. For a look into the paranoia and insanity that often comes with non-stop hockey coverage, check out Toronto fans going back and forth with whipping-boy columnist Damien Cox over what, exactly, constituted the Schenn trade. (h/t Pension Plan Puppets).