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Islanders at Panthers [quasi-game thread]

Per Whale4ever comment in the preview, David Booth, who missed the earlier match at the Coliseum, returns for this one. So does Thomas Vokoun (starting? not sure). Both flu-famished felines are feeling better, apparently.

Oldny_medium Fla-nose_medium

New York Islanders (16-29-5, 30th) at Florida Panthers (24-18-8, 8th/E)

7:30 p.m. EST | some bank (those still exist?) Center | MSG+

Panthers rebuttals: Litter Box Cats | Cat Scratch | Panthers on the Prowl

Here are your game thread instructions, should you choose to accept them. I think I will only be able to catch the first period live (if that), so I'll direct any fine visitors over to the game thread at Litter Box Cats. You can still vent or wisecrack here, of course. But if you want watch and join in a live one, they're good people and clean their litter box regularly over there. Maybe both will be somewhat quiet, maybe they will erupt in laughter. Only one way to find out.

As an extra incentive -- and in honor of this Florida swing -- if you haven't seen Whale4ever's (what a screen name!) riff on endangered Panthers and license plates and capital vs. lowercase 'P's, you should check it out. It had me belly laughing. (Maybe you had to be there.)