Guerin MIA vs. Sabres; trade 'in place'

[Updated, as reporters hang out at Islanders practice for scraps.]

Islesblogger here, Isles captain Bill Guerin is MIA after taking part in warmups.

Islanders Point Blank thinks he may have been dealt and then comes back to all but confirm that.

I had noticed that MacAmmond was on a different line with Sim and Bailey, now I know why I guess. I called up to the pressbox but they know as little as us. I guess it started early for us this year, I wonder who is next.

I am sure we will know more soon.

More in a few, live from the game.

[Update Sunday a.m.: Sounds like there is a deal in place, waiting for Guerin to accept, and this was a precautionary scratch. TSN says Guerin wouldn't know the team until this morning. Islander Point Blank received texts from a trusted source saying something is holding it up, and it could take all day.]

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