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Splinters: Lighthouse Project, Fedorov, deadline values

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Some Lighthouse (and) Hockey links (hmm, should we change the name from "Blade Splinters"?) to celebrate yesterday's news...

  • Is the NHL trade market becoming more rational? (Yet Waddell remains.) Great example of a user-created FanPost, too. [From the Rink fanpost]
  • Fascinating translated interview with Sergei Fedorov. Do you know the "Russian soul"? [Japers' Rink]
  • You know what stinks about the Rangers firing Renney? I fear they chose the right replacement. But how did he avoid stepping on that giant bolt in Tampa Bay? [NYT]
  • Scott Gordon says it took half a season to assess all the pieces he inherited. [Newsday]
  • Your rumor of the day: What does it say if the Ducks sell Pronger? [Kevin Allen]
  • Chris Botta's latest fantasy GM target: native son Chris Higgins [IslandersPointBlank]
  • Site-related news: You'll be seeing a lot of references to this -- SBN's NHL Trade Deadline hub, where deadline rumors/trade posts from all SBN hockey blogs will be featured, as well as updates from James Mirtle and the rest of the (non-SBN) hockey blogosphere. Bookmark it. ... Meanwhile, note that SBN has partnered with Yahoo to display our content on Yahoo! Sports team pages.

And several of the juiciest Lighthouse Project links after the jump:

  • Was there some news yesterday? If you missed it, Nick is all over the Lighthouse Project -- including Newsday's curious choice of interview subjects. [Let There be Light(house)]
  • However, Newsday thankfully did not act like only Islanders fans support the project. They did get great quotes from Wang and from one developer who casts serious doubt on whether capital is available in the finance system. That's the one question I've been waiting for more reporting on. [Newsday, business]
  • Logan says Bettman told him he has faith in finding the finances, but Bettman has sounded, how shall we say? "rosy" about this economic climate. [Newsday blog]
  • And you know Wang has never directly left the door open for relocation. Until now. [Newsday]
  • A local's perspective and hopes for better transportation to the Coliseum. [7th Woman]
  • Botta's meeting recap from yesterday, in case you missed it. [IslandersPointBlank]
  • To that end, James Mirtle weighed in, which may help fight the "aren't you guys moving to K.C.?" impression of where we stand among non-Islanders hockey fans. [From the Rink]
  • Islesblogger rounds up coverage, posts the official release and remarks that life for Islanders fans has involved a whole lot of "Watch"es these days. [Islesblogger]
  • B.D. Gallof is alive -- and reproducing! -- and wondering about the political power plays (lacking punch without Streit) that have thrown the whole Lighthouse Project v. Town of Hempstead into quasi-manufactured conflict within the last year. [Islanders Independent]