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Welcome to new readers and Yahoo! users

SB Nation (Lighthouse Hockey's kind host) has partnered with Yahoo! Sports. If you head to Yahoo's New York Islanders page, you'll notice they've added a box with links to Lighthouse Hockey stories.

To New Readers (including those arriving via Yahoo): Welcome! You can now log in to SBN sites like this one with your Yahoo! user login or OpenID. So I encourage you to drop by in the comments to any post and say hello -- or introduce yourself in a FanPost. Maybe talk about how you became an Islanders fan, or leave your own grand theory on what Garth Snow should do this summer.

As for this blog, drop by each day for links to the hockey world and around the Islanders blogosphere -- and game previews, open in-game threads, recaps and recollections about Islanders characters of years' past.

One Account for All Your Favorite Teams' Fan Communities

SB Nation blogs -- and there is an SBN community for nearly 200 pro and college teams -- give you a great opportunity to join and grow active, dedicated fan communities. (On that note, you probably want to bookmark the hub for all of SBN's NHL Trade Deadline-related posts, with deadline updates from hockey blogs around the network.) For more about Lighthouse Hockey and tools you can use to participate, try this intro page.

For a taste of the general tone and the type of stories you'll find here, sample some of these posts on for size -- and feel free to add your two cents:

There are many more great user tools -- useful features that made me think last October, "Man, I want the Islanders to have an SBN blog." You'll discover more of those as you find your way around.

Anyway, thanks for checking us out. From one fan to another: Game on!