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P.M. Lighthouse Project update, and a Yashin-Spezza thought

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The Lighthouse Project "scope" Town Hall meeting went as expected, and this is one more hurdle cleared. Charles Wang and developer Scott Rechler were apparently on their game -- as well they should be, having long prepared for this step. They said they spent $10 million on their studies, and the pages apparently fill 18 boxes.

For non-Islanders followers: This by no means means (what?) the Islanders' new arena proposal is in the clear. But this was an important step -- without which Kansas City, Queens, Brooklyn, Moose Jaw and some guy named Sal would be calling. Expect Nick of Let There be Light(house) [independent] and Katrina at the Lighthouse Project blog [official] to have much more. [Update 5 p.m.: Nick has added a thorough review of the day and what's next.]

Islanders supporters are happy, to say the least. I wouldn't say Kate Murray committed "political suicide" by not showing up -- Nixon proved political careers never die -- but she certainly left a line in the sand with her absence.

Spezza >/= Yashin?

Oh, and this unrelated note, since we're here: Is Jason Spezza asking for a trade? Is he a selfish coach killer? Did you ever wonder if the pick the Islanders traded (along with Zdeno Chara .:sigh:.) to get Yashin might end up like ... a louder, disruptive version of Yashin? It's going to be interesting to see what becomes of Spezza, who took quite a while to develop and should be looking to prove he hasn't already peaked. [SportsTalkBuzz, via Puck Daddy]