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Splinters: Lighthouse, points projections, Danis, 'Burke' Twitter

Bits to chew on for Fat Lighthouse Tuesday:

  • Charles Wang will be at this morning's public Town Hall meeting regarding the Lighthouse Project. This bit of spec' in Greg Logan's blog is interesting: The strict Coliseum lease's expiration date (2015) is "close enough that a potential buyer could view an expiring lease as an asset." [On the Islanders Beat] [Update: Guess who was a no-show? Ah, politics.]
  • Today is one of those days where public support with the LP really matters, so take an early lunch! [The Light Post: The importance of your support]  Problem is, people like 7th Woman must work.
  • He's an Alberta boy, but Dean McAmmond chose the right only dynasty to cheer for in the '80s. [Newsday]
  • After blanking the Devils, Yann Danis' got a puck for his "first" shutout -- then had to clarify that this isn't his first NHL rodeo. [Islanders Outsider]
  • The Isles are on pace for a 21-point drop in the standings this season. [From the Rink]
  • Three points-related wishes for the rest of this Islanders season. [Drive for Five]
  • Case you missed it, here is pretty much all you need to know about the hilarious "Brian Burke" Twittering -- with opportunistic grandstanding from Eklund to boot. [Puck Daddy]
  • Rangers fans know, and the ever-grumpy Ken Campbell knows, why don't the Dolans know which genius is to blame for the club's conundrum? [Campbell - THN]

Good luck to anyone who's making the public meeting today.