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Splinters: The next Campoli, Reitz's knee, life after trades

A few links to warm the winter heart...

  • Snow is indeed pushing the Hillen-can-replace-Campoli argument. That's a risky road, since they haven't invested four+ years in HIllen like they did Campoli. But Campoli wanted out, whereas Hillen clearly "loves it" here. [Newsday]
  • Oh yeah: Campoli, who had two assists in his Senators debut, is happy [Ottawa Sun]. Like, really happy. [CP] I'm happy for him -- but not the least bit sorry Streit's presence diminished his role. Campoli's offensive strengths and defensive game, thus far, never convinced me he could be "the guy" in either role. He's just 24 -- I would've preferred he try life under Gordon for longer.
  • I missed this Friday (eagle-eye NYI Fan Central found it and wondered why it wasn't in Newsday's Islanders coverage?). But finally: some quotes from a hardly contrite Erik Reitz on his knee-to-knee of Sean Bergenheim. He uses "the Marchment Defense," which entails pretending that a knee is "following through." That's rich. Tool. [Blue Notes]
  • Chris Botta had a lot on Bergenheim, who he says is staying. [Islanders Point Blank]
  • Islesblogger had some thoughts about the Campoli/Comrie trade bringing the remaining guys together for that shutout of New Jersey. He also has some don't-miss quotes from Mark Streit and Bergenheim on life after a teammate is dealt.
  • When the Isles and Pens meet this week, I trust it will be a little less exciting for Sidney Crosby than yesterday, as chronicled at Puck Daddy. I suppose the hyped sideshow of Ovi v. Crosby is "great for the game," but really: I just like watching good players play, and they are both really, really good players in very different ways. The hyperbole and paranoia over who gets, or deserves, more attention fills me with ennui. [Puck Daddy]